Friday, March 07, 2008

Faux Bloger

For the two people who actually read my blog, I am sure you have uncovered my dirty secret. I am not a real blogger. No, real bloggers post daily sometimes multiple posts in a day with great pictures. Most of them even understand Html. I however, struggle to post once a week and until recently thought Html was an abbreviation for Hot tamales.
I am really a faux blogger. I aspire to look like the real thing but discerning bloggers can tell the difference. So thank you for reading my faux blog.

On a different note I would like to post on sandwiches. Not only do I love to read and listen to good music I also love a good sandwich. I am not talking about pbj slapped between two pieces of Wonder Bread. No, a good sandwich is a magnificent work of art much like the paintings of, Monet, the symphonies of Mahler the improvisations of Coltrane. How few there are in our time who can make a good sandwich.

The base of any good sandwich is of course the bread any sandwich not made from a loaf of fresh baked bread is worthless. My preference is sourdough. Next it should contain a binding element like Miracle Whip, mustard, ranch dressing, Heidi’s deli one of my favorite sandwich shops uses a spicy pepper spread for one of their sandwiches. I prefer the veggies to go next. My basic veggies are lettuce (iceberg or leaf) tomatoes (out of your garden are always the best) onions (red seem to work best in a sandwich) and if in season avocado.
I prefer protein (meat) to be in the middle of the sandwich and I like many different meats depending on my mood. The important thing about meat is that it must be from a good deli and it must be thin sliced. It is better to have many pieces of thinly sliced meat than a big hunk of meat in the middle. Cheese is the final piece for me I love nearly any cheese but for sandwiches white cheeses are best. For ham I like provolone, for turkey a good swiss or baby swiss, for roast beef (you might think I am weird) muenster or blue cheese. Generally I use Miracle Whip for one piece of bread then on the other I will use either a good stone ground mustard or especially with roast beef a horseradish spread. I prefer then to cut the sandwich in half. Any sandwich worth eating must be gently and carefully compressed to fit into your mouth.
Oh we should thank the Lord for his divine goodness and providence in allowing us to discover and enjoy one of the greatest fruits of his creation the sandwich.


Skip Crust said...

Mmmmmmm....sandwiches. I believe that in order to experience the goodness of sandwiches you must broaden the scope (slightly) of the traditional sandwich to include my two, bar-none favorites.

French Dip w/Au Jus

Patty Melt

John Nicely said...

Mmm, the roast beef and meunster/blue cheese combo sounds good. Good cheese to compliment good meat. I imagine that would probably go well with a good Zinfandel too.