Monday, April 14, 2008

Traveling to Louisville

Shaunna and I are in Louisville Kentucky, our first real trip together without children. Getting to Louisville was no easy task, it makes me think that God gave us airlines for our own personal growth and sanctification. We were scheduled to leave Denver at 10am and arrive in Kentucky at 6pm. But we were late getting out of Denver because of a plane malfunction so we missed all our connecting flights. To make a long story short we flew standby and made it to bed (in Louisville) at 1:30am.

However, God is good and as we boarded our (late) plane in Denver we meet Margaret and Sydney who are from Louisville. Margaret's husband Rob is the pastor at North Oldham Baptist Church just north of Louisville (Rob went to Southern Seminary). We ended up on all the same flights. In Chicago all of us were on standby for Louisville, so we had dinner at Chili's in the airport, with. Even in our travel woes God gave us good fellowship with believers.

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