Sunday, February 03, 2008

2008 Reading List

I have tried to set resolutions at the outset of the New Year and most years I have failed. I am attempting a new strategy for 2008. I have no resolutions (sorry Jonathan Edwards). However, I have set some goals. I like goals better than resolutions. Goals seemed to be measured on a scale whereas resolutions seem to be pass or fail. I have set as one of my goals to read about 27 books over the year. As a small measure of accountability I have posted this list on my blog and as I read books off my list I will post them to my completed books list. I think my goal for this year is reasonable I just need to read a little over 2 books a month.

Why place such an emphasis on reading? Well, there are many reasons; for starters the godliest men I know are all tireless readers and I want to be godly. Secondly, reading good books about God, theology, Christians of the past, and history are all ways of working at Philippians 4:8. I hope that God will use this discipline of reading for my own spiritual transformation this year.

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